H.U.G Talks On-Demand

Couldn’t make it or simply want to re-live some of your favourite sessions? We’ve got you covered: All the talks from our H.U.G main program are now available online, for free. Here’s hoping it provides inspiration, best practices, and helpful tips for your HR work. Enjoy!

Employee Experience at Scale: How HR and Technology Ignites Business Performance

Keynote | EN

Scaling People Ops for success

Interview | EN

Lessons from Tesla: Rethinking HR

Expert Talk | EN

Reinventing Teams - The Real Unit Of Change

Expert Talk | EN

Digitalisierung und New Work

Keynote | DE

Culture In A Dynamic Workplace

Interview | EN

Living Virtual First: The Key To Making Distributed Work 'Work'

Interview | EN

Tech vs. Business & Operations - Wie schafft man eine passende Unternehmenskultur für alle?

Interview | DE