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EVENT I 2021

Our response to boring HR conferences. H.U.G – the event for HR managers, recruiters and decision-makers – focuses on practical content, varied formats, plenty of exchange and an exciting supporting program.

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Develop yourself, your employees and your company

H.U.G is more than just another HR conference. It’s THE happening event for HR managers, recruiters and decision-makers who are confronted with the challenges of their growing companies every day. But challenges are there to be met, right?

Learn how to contribute to shaping your company’s success through your HR work over the course of 1.5 practice-focused days – all without hype, but in a cool, stimulating atmosphere instead.

H.U.G Topics

Nine Themes for a Successful HR Future

Whether recruiter, employer branding expert or HR manager – all will find fascinating presentations or relevant master classes here. That’s why we have grouped the wealth of H.U.G contents into nine themes ranging from highly topical fields such as new work and employment law to ongoing issues including HR development and employer branding. These themes are reflected in both the agenda and networking events.

About the H.U.G Concept

Something You Don't Want to Miss

Challenging – Currently, every company is confronted with new challenges in HR, even more so than ever. We provide practical impulses for mastering these challenges with flying colors.

Unconventional – Expect H.U.G Digital to surprise you with a range of engaging formats far from passive knowledge consumption. Our supporting program delivers plenty of specials to ensure that boredom will not be an issue.

Collaborative – We want to promote and broaden the HR community. Take the opportunity to meet other HR experts and share fields of interest, challenges and best practices between you.

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