Your Virtual HR Experience

H.U.G Digital

May 18th and 19th, 2021 | 10 am CET | Online

H.U.G. Digital is two days of in-depth knowledge, leading insights, and actionable strategies for the future of work. Completely free, tailored to your needs, and focused on your success.

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H.U.G Digital 2021:
What’s In Store?

If you’re in HR, this is the place to become prepared for the future of work alongside leaders, motivators, and colleagues. What’s on the horizon for H.U.G Digital 20201? Watch our sneak peek video for an exclusive first look right now.

H.U.G. Digital: At A Glance

Our Attendees

HR professionals from all levels, industries, and company sizes. Leaders, influencers, and everyone shaping the future of HR.

Our Content

Expert talks and interviews, interactive workshops, offered in different languages with localized content, and so much more.

Facts & Figures

50 speakers, 6,000+ attendees, 30 sessions, and the most important figure of all: $0. Completely free for you.

Special Bonuses

A world of networking opportunities, morning mindfulness sessions, evening programs with culinary experts and slight of hand.

H.U.G Topics

Nine Key Themes for the Future of HR

We took the time to group together core themes to help better focus our H.U.G programming for every attendee. Whether recruiter, employer branding expert, or HR Manager, themes including new work, labor laws, strategy, culture, development, and more are all on the docket. Best of all, we illustrate each theme in your agenda so you can easily keep track.

About the H.U.G Concept

Stay tuned! We are very excited to welcome more than 50 speakers from the HR world at H.U.G Digital 2021. We will present them here within the next weeks.

Our formats

Here’s what you can expect at H.U.G Digital 2021:


Inspiring presentations from engaging personalities, from the worlds of HR, business, personal development, and many more.

Expert Talks

Best practice sessions from HR experts, sharing their unique experiences with interactive Q&As at the end of each session.


One-on-one discussions with HR experts and our hosts, including interactive Q&As with our attendees in real time.

Panel Discussion

Collections of HR leaders and experts about current topics that influence the future of the industry.


Get down to business with other professionals in small groups that are booked in advance to share your insight and learn at the same time.

Buddy Classes

Get to know your H.U.G Digital Buddies and their solutions for common topics and issues in the industry.

On-Demand Content

Using our media library, you can have a wide range of access to podcasts, videos, and way more. Never worry about missing out on insight.

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Need A Final Push?

Here’s why H.U.G Digital 2021 is the perfect place for you: 

Innovative Formats : Click, yawn, back on mute — not on our watch! H.U.G Digital is anything but just another HR conference 

Leading Insight: We offer deep dives into forward-thinking HR topics that inspire, motivate, and share actionable strategies for professionals. 

Tailored Programming: You become the master of your schedule! Choose topics that matter to you, curate your own schedule, and happily tune in. 

Unparalleled Access: We offer meaningful networking opportunities amongst other HR pioneers paving the way forward for the industry at large.