The HUG Concept

The world of HR is undergoing a fundamental transformation – it’s becoming more agile in order to navigate a changing world and it’s being recognised for its strategic importance at the centre of bold and  forward-thinking organisations.

HUG exists to celebrate and empower the HR community – providing a platform to fuel imagination, spark creativity and bring together game-changing leadership thinking and disruptive ideas.

Our mantra is that knowledge must be directly applicable and inspiring, be communicated interactively, and above all be fun.

HUG Themes

Five Key Themes for the Future of HR.
We took the time to group together core themes to help better focus our HUG programming for every attendee.

Talent, Transformed

What does the workforce of tomorrow want, and how do you attract, retain, and develop them? We examine how progressive workforces are rolling out their flexible working policies, how HR leaders are future-proofing their organisations by adopting skills-based frameworks, and how savvy talent acquisition managers are working with their HR counterparts to increase hiring velocity. We examine the practical processes you can implement today to upskill employees, and retain and develop your top talent, including your current and future leadership bench.

Boardroom Bound

How can the HR department leverage their newfound political capital to take a greater seat at the executive table? As the workplace has undergone a transformational shift over the last two years, HR has proven its value at every iteration: deftly handling crises while boosting their employer brand, safeguarding employees, and working in lockstep with previously un-integrated departments. We will equip HR leaders with the tools they need to ensure that HR KPIs remain top-of-mind in C-Level conversations, provide concrete frameworks to demonstrably quantify HR’s impact across departments – and to the business’ bottom-line.

Laying Down the Law

How can HR professionals keep pace with changing regulatory requirements – made more complex by the COVID-19 crisis – to safeguard their employees, set future policies, and protect the business from liability? We will explore issues such as new workplace laws, international legislation, and health and safety policies. Ultimately uncovering how employment law can be harnessed to meet the needs of a diverse workforce. We will tackle the strategic and practical issues that HR professionals encounter in a heavily regulated environment, and explore proven tactics for ensuring you remain compliant, stay competitive, and navigate the challenges of delivering change at scale.

Conscious Culture Creation

How do you connect a truly equitable and empathetic workplace? With remote and flexible work here to stay, how can the HR team implement policies that safeguard employees’ physical and psychological well-being and prevent burnout? We will examine concrete methodologies to hold leadership accountable for creating and maintaining diverse and inclusive working environments and hiring practices. In addition, diving deep into the values frameworks of successful businesses to understand how to create and implement a conscious culture where belonging at work is both expressed and felt by every single employee.

Data in the Driving Seat

How can the HR function become truly data driven? What are the tools, technologies, and processes that leaders can leverage to ensure that working practices keep pace with accelerating Digital Transformation? We examine the critical role of people analytics in driving overall company strategy, how measuring and monitoring employee experience can help combat increasing change fatigue, and how to incorporate next-generation technologies such as automation, AI, and machine learning into your future of work strategy.

Our HUG Formats

HUG offers a choice of different formats for tailor-made professional development in HR, from short online sessions three times a month to a two-day online conference and the annual Live HR Happening. There's always an event that's just right for you!

October 4-14, 2022

HUG on Tour

HUG on Tour is stopping in your city! Embrace the future of HR, and your role in it, over content, networking, and food and drink in London, Madrid, Amsterdam, Berlin and Munich.

May 24-25 2022

HUG Digital

It was a blast!

2 days across two mainstages - English & German
50+ workshops, fireside chats, expert talks, and panel discussions
80+ speakers, experts, panelists and change-makers!

3 Times A Month

Online Sessions

Your constant source for timely HR insights, featuring three sessions with leading experts, every month, in different languages.