About Personio

We believe in shared growth: We want to bring HR heroes together and inspire them with our contents, whether on our blog or through our events. After all, we’re all part of an amazing HR community that sticks together and supports each other.
We developed the H.U.G concept out of this firm conviction, and the event, which was first held live in 2019, has evolved ever since. This year we reinvented it through formats such as H.U.G Online Sessions and H.U.G Digital.

Enabling better Organizations

We make HR managers true heroes by giving them more time for what's really important: their employees.

All-in-One Software-Solution

Our holistic HR software for small and medium-sized enterprises of up to 2.000 employees digitizes and simplifies time-consuming HR processes to free up time for strategic issues such as talent development and employer branding. To fulfill this ambition, Personio has developed an all-in-one software solution for recruiting, employee management and payroll.

Our Customers and HR Heroes

We already have freed more than 4.000 customers from administrative chaos, but we're not satisfied by any means. We believe that there can't ever be enough HR heroes!

H.U.G Happening 2021 in Review

It was a party! We look forward to welcoming you soon, whether digitally or in person, at H.U.G 2022.


H.U.G Digital – May 24-25 2022

Don’t miss out – save the date today and join us in 2022 to ensure your HR work stays on the bleeding edge. We can’t wait to see you!

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